Studiometry 13.0.5 Released

Studiometry 13.0.5 is available now and adds several features and updates to Studiometry 13.x. This version fixes a couple of issues introduced with 13.0.4, and also adds a few other updates. Check below to see the full details about all of the changes.



What's new in Studiometry 13.0.5:

  • Can change the item mode for Paid debt/credits via contextual menu from the Project's Work & Expenses section
  • Fixed issue with localizations not loading correctly
  • Fixed issue with Client Statement not display
  • Improved the methods for selecting the work item type when starting a timer from a To Do
  • Will now correctly show code-based invoices in template pickers if there are no visual templates
  • Fixed issue with multi-line text blocks in invoice/report templates on Windows
  • Fixed issues introduced in the previous update with several windows giving errors


And, in case you missed it, here's what's new in Studiometry 13.0.4:

  • Can now link Apple Mail emails to Projects or Clients based on the mailbox in which they reside
  • Clicking the money icon in the project's Billable vs Estimated chart will bring you to the Work & Expenses section
  • Can now save your Studiometry Cloud password even if your account is set to require cloud login for access
  • Added new data row type for Invoice and Report templates to show consolidated category information for any Hourly category types
  • Added new data row type for Invoice and Report templates to show consolidated category information for any Non-Hourly category types
  • Added new HourlyEstimatedTotal and NonHourlyEstimatedTotal variables to show total estimated amounts based on category types
  • Can now customize item mode for work items via group edit window
  • Client's invoices section will now include non-live Projects
  • Can now make clients Live/Non-Live in the Client Group Editing window
  • Fixed issue with Group Edit window reloading fields on second activate
  • Will now send notifications to Studiometry Cloud in smaller chunks when a very large number of items have been updated on your machine
  • Improved behavior for templates that have both data rows and data columns
  • Fixed issue with missing To field in date selector in Payment tracker and other windows
  • Fixed issue with printing To Dos overlapping with too large of extra notes
  • Previews of invoices and reports will now show up in retina in Project and Client overviews
  • Fixed issue where selecting Cloud menu > Enable Studiometry Cloud and attempting to connect to an existing account wouldn't work on Windows
  • Fixed issue with Work Week window not working properly if you have work items without specified dates in your database
  • Starting a new timer from a To Do will now use the correct rate type based on the associated project
  • Moved Studiometry self-updater code to Framework in accordance with Apple's packaging rules
  • Fixed an issue with custom calendars not properly filtering To Dos in certain situations
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