Studiometry 13.0.7 Released

Studiometry 13.0.7 is available now and adds several features and updates to Studiometry 13.x. Check below to see the full details about all of the changes.



What's New in Studiometry 13.0.7:

  • Can resize columns in work/expenses box in Report editing window
  • Summary Preset window can now handle multiple selections to simultaneously import, export, and delete items
  • Can now show tags for items in Custom Summaries via the Show Fields option
  • Can now right-click on a row in the Items Awaiting Invoice section to jump to associated client or project
  • Can now right-click on a row in the Items Awaiting Invoice section to mark all of the associated work items as non-billable
  • Fixed issue with filtering lists of logs by tags in Projects that have sub-Projects
  • Fixed several display glitches in the Gantt chart on Windows
  • Filtering the work/expenses section by a tag will now update the subcategory totals and totals bar
  • Can now hold Control key to delete debt/credit item from within the work editing window
  • Can now show/hide taxes in invoice totals in the All Invoices views via contextual menu or the Gear below the list
  • Drastically improved performance when loading custom summaries that filter tiers by Groups with multiple criteria
  • Events within Custom Calendars that are marked as completed will now show a slightly darker color to indicate status
  • Calendar will now properly determine text color for selected items in Custom Calendars that have dark colors
  • Added Clear All option for notifications window to easily remove ALL pending notifications for the current employee from the server
  • Improved performance when loading To Do groups in databases with a large amount of To Dos
  • Improved responsiveness of calendar when viewing Week View in database with large amount of To Dos/Events
  • Improved performance when syncing with Studiometry Cloud on accounts with a large number of notifications
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