Select a custom database location

Studiometry 8.1 and newer gives you the ability to select a customized location to load your data and settings from.

Please note that you should not change your data location while using a trial license of Studiometry, as it will cause your trial to immediately expire.

If your data is already stored in the desired new location and you simply need to tell Studiometry to use the new location, skip to step 6 in the following instructions.

To manually move your data to a custom location:
1. Quit Studiometry on all associated machines
2. Ensure you have Studiometry 8.1 or newer installed on all machines
3. Find your current data location, the default data location On a Mac, this is located at:
Home/Library/Application Support/Studiometry/

On Windows, you need to search your machine for "com.studiometry.plist" including hidden and invisible files. When that file is found, you should copy the entire parent folder named "Studiometry" to the new machine.

4. This folder will contain several files, including "com.studiometry.plist" and "studiometry.sdbf", as well as folders such as "Templates" and "New Templates"
5. Copy the contents of this folder to your new desired folder. We recommend either creating a new folder specifically to hold the data files, or to simply copy the entire "Studiometry" directory to the new location.

To manually load your data from a custom location:
6. Launch Studiometry 8.1 or newer while holding the Option key on Mac (or the Control key on Windows).
7. Studiometry will now prompt you with several options for the location you'd like to load your data from, select "Choose Folder..."
8. Locate and select the desired data folder that contains your "com.studiometry.plist" and "studiometry.sdbf" files. Please note that you're selected the entire directory and not just your database file.
9. Studiometry should now load as normal with data from the new location. Please ensure that (a) your copy of Studiometry is still registered in the About Studiometry window and (b) all of your data and preferences are intact.


For more detailed information about how to use these techniques to sync your data using cloud-based syncing services, such as DropBox, or, please view this KB article:

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    Dana Carter

    Great feature addition by the way!

  • 0
    Rob Sherrard - Imageer

    The parenthetic expression for Windows users  in Step 6 should read "_*(or the CTRL key on Windows)." *_Control is the Windows equivalent for Mac Option key.

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    Oranged Support

    Holding the control or alt/option keys will bring up the dialog. Is the Alt key not working correctly for you?

  • 0
    Rob Sherrard - Imageer

    On Windows Vista, holding ALT while "launching" Studiometry 8.2 brings up a Properties dialog for the Studiometry launch shortcut.  Holding the CTRL key while launching brings up a dialog with the three location choices including the_** Choose Folder**_ button.

    After subsequent testing on my Windows 7 machine, the ALT key produces the desired result.

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