Manually restore or backup your data

Studiometry has built in backup and restore functions for your data, but sometimes it's better to manually restore or backup your data because of the added level of control.

WARNING: Restoring from a backup database will restore all of the data that was in the database whenever it was backed up. This means, if your backup is from one year ago, your data will be restored to exactly how it was one year ago. This is why you want to restore from as recent of a backup as possible, otherwise you may lose any data that was entered between the time that your backup was created and now. 


To manually backup your database, copy the following two files to another location:
Home/Library/Application Support/Studiometry/com.studiometry.plist
Home/Library/Application Support/Studiometry/studiometry.dbc

The dbc file is your database file, and the other file has your registration information and your settings (and categories/etc). These are the two files that are backed up when Studiometry does a backup when running or when it backs up your data when you open a new version.

The com.studiometry.plist file backups all end in ".sbu" and the studiometry.dbc backups all end in  ".cbu"

If you want to manually restore a backup, find two matching backup files (one with .sbu and one with .cbu) on your machine, and then quit Studiometry and rename and place the files at their appropriate locations.

The file ending in .sbu should be renamed and placed at:
Home/Library/Application Support/Studiometry/com.studiometry.plist

and the file ending in .cbu should be renamed and placed at:
Home/Library/Application Support/Studiometry/studiometry.dbc

The next time you launch Studiometry, it will load these files as your settings and your database.

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