VAT Tax Rate Modification


VAT tax rates may change for an individual country.

Please follow this simple set of directions to modify your settings to accommodate the new rate, while leaving your historical records intact. 
Modifying the value of your existing VAT tax type you have entered in to Studiometry Preferences and attached to Debt/Credits throughout Studiometry will change all records.

 To prevent changes to your historical records, create a new VAT tax type separate from your original tax type in Studiometry Preferences > Taxes > [+] plus button New Tax Type. This new version of the VAT tax type can be used from new VAT start date on forward and will leave your original VAT tax type entries alone.

After you have created your new VAT tax type, you will have to move to your Studiometry Preferences > Categories > Debt/Credit Types. Check each of your Debt/Credit Types, by double-clicking on them, to make sure the default taxes (if you are using these) are set to the new VAT tax type.

Now from the new start date on forward, you will have to be cognizant of the new VAT tax type and select that when entering Debt/Credits if it is not selected already.



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