Archive Clients and/or Projects

There are two levels of "archiving" in Studiometry.

A. The first level, which applies to Clients or Projects, is the Live setting. If a client or project is set to "live" it will appear in lists throughout the application. If it is complete and set to non-live, it will only be accessible through the search window or via linked items. 

If your Client/Project list on the main Studiometry window is being overrun by items you no longer actively use, you can simply change their live or non-live status in the Client Info tab and Project Info tab.

To mark a project as non-live, select it in the main window, and bring up the Edit Project window by clicking on the Project’s name or the Edit button, or by pressing Command-I (Control-I on Windows). Then simply uncheck Live Project in the window that appears.



To mark a project as non-live, select it in the main window, and bring up the Edit Client window by clicking on the Client's name or the Edit button, or by pressing Command-I (Control-I on Windows). Then simply uncheck Live Client in the window that appears.

When you refresh your Studiometry Main Client/Project List, the items you have changed to non-live status will move to the Search window exclusively.

To find these non-live projects and clients at a later date, simply click on the Search group in the leftmost pane of Studiometry (Command-Shift-I on Mac, Control-Shift-I on Windows).  You can include/exclude non-live items in the search by choosing from the “Live Items”/“Live and Non-Live Items” filter.

Double-clicking on an item in the list will select it and show it in the main window.

1.)  All projects related to a client must be non-live before a client itself can be changed to non-live.

2.) The items do not leave the main Client/Project List until restart of Studiometry or when you change the view of the main Client/Project list menu display setting(for example: to all "All Clients").



B. The second level of archiving, which applies only to Projects and their attached items, is to actually archive Projects so they no longer load when launching Studiometry. 

You can archive or unarchive non-live projects by using the File Menu > Data Management > Archive/Unarchive Projects option. Please note that on a Studiometry network you can only initial archiving and unarchiving of projects on the server machine.

Archiving a project completely will improve performance when launching and syncing Studiometry, but you will not be able to access any related data without first unarchiving the items.

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    Mike Meiners

    Second Level "Archiving" sounds awesome, but the whole point of moving to project management software was to be able search our archive of jobs. As a design company, we need to reference old specs and projects all the time, I can't find a situation where I want to archive a job, even though I'd love the

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    Oranged Support

    You can always unarchive and reference your projects in Studiometry, but you're correct that currently you cannot search through the archives directly. We are planning on adding this as well as a few other neat features related to archiving and the database itself into an upcoming version of Studiometry.

    For now, though, this is still the best way to speed up the program without deleting any information. 

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    Studio element

    We use the second level archiving for a while now. We unarchived some projects this week and the Work and To Do categories was empty. Can you tell me what's the problem with that? It's a big problem for us because we need those informations...


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    Oranged Support

    Can you please open a support ticket so we can get some more information from you:

    Thank you.

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