ID Number Formatting

Studiometry will automatically generate a visible ID for Clients, Projects, and Invoice when created.


The generated ID relies on the ID format and the Last Added Number. Each time an item is created, Studiometry will increment the Last Number for that item type by one.


The default ID format Settings are:

Client ID Format: <C>
Project ID Format: <P>
Invoice ID Format: <I>

Each tag (<C>, for example, is an entire tag) is a place holder that will be replaced by a the incremented number. With these settings, the Client ID's created for new Clients will just be sequential numbers, for example: "1111", then "1112", then "1113".

More advanced setups are possible, such as calling the attached Client's ID for a newly generated Project ID. For example, a Client of ID "1111" could have Projects with IDs "1111-01", "1111-02", and "1111-03".

ID Formatting Tag Rules
<C>, while in the Client format box, will only turn into the "Last Client Number" plus one.
<C>, while in the Project format box or Invoice format box will turn into the ID of the Client to which the Project or Invoice is attached.

<P>, while in the Project format box, will only turn into the "Last Project Number" plus one.
<P>, while in the Invoice format box, will turn into the ID of the Project to which the Invoice is attached. This could include the Client ID if there is a <C> in the Project ID format. See the diagram for a visual representation.

<I>, is useable only in the Invoice format box, and will turn into the "Last Invoice Number" plus one.

The following tags can be used in any of the format boxes, and will return the same specific value where it is placed.
<D> = Day Number
<M> = Month Number
<Y> = Year Number
<DD> = Two Digit Day
<MM> = Two Digit Month
<YY> = Two Digit Year

You can also add any number random lettters or numbers.
<RRR> = Three Random Letters
<NN> = Two random numbers
<R><N> = One random letter, one random number

To prefix digits to an ID in the <C>, <P>, or <I> tags, you would simply repeat the character for each extra digit you'd like to show. For example:
<CCCC> = 0001
<II> = 04

Notice that in the example above, the black underline always represents the Project ID. In the Invoice ID format, for example, the Project ID, which consists of the Client ID + Project Number, is 1111-1111. 

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    Brad DePasse

    Hi Guys, I am wishing you guys could add a few custom tags to the auto project ID tag options. Can you add some tags for double digit HOUR and double digit MINUTE and maybe double digit SECOND. If you did this, we would always have a job number that told us exactly when a job was created with an unlimited ability to never have a number repeat. - at least for a few lifetimes. FOR EXAMPLE; 130502-1501 

    I know that this job was created on May 2nd, 2013 at 3:01 PM. If you could do this, it would be incredible!!!

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    Oranged Support

    The Hours/Minutes/Seconds have been added to the requests list and should make it into an upcoming version of Studiometry. Thanks!

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