Exporting Invoices to Quickbooks IIF

This features in this article are available in Studiometry 10.0 and newer.

To export a Studiometry invoice to an IIF file, in Studiometry 10.0 and newer simply do the following:

  1. Go to the Project's Invoice's tab
  2. Right-click on an invoice (or Control-Click on a Mac) and select "Export to IIF..."
  3. Choose a save location for the file and press Save
This file can be imported into various versions of Quickbooks as well as many other programs.

Items not Linking Properly

If you are having issues with payments, work items, or other transactions not properly linking to the invoice item in the IIF export, this is due to limitations in Quickbooks with the IIF file format. There is more information about this available on their knowledge base here, specifically in the Limitations of .iif Files section:


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