See a training video on Blueprints here: Video: Blueprints

Blueprints are a Studiometry's way of helping you add commonly used work or expense items to your projects. If you have a specific item that you add to projects often, you could save time and maintain consistency between projects by creating a blueprint for the item instead of manually entering it each time.

Creating Blueprints

There two ways to create Blueprints in Studiometry:
  • You can right-click (or control-click) on any work item in a Project's Work tab and select "Create Blueprint from this Debt/Credit". This will pre-populate the blueprint with all information from that item, and then allow you to easily add that work/expense item to other projects.
  • You can manually enter Blueprints by Edit Blueprints window (File menu > Suites > Blueprints), and clicking the Plus (+) button below the list.

Adding Blueprints to a Project

To add Blueprints to a project, you can click the "Add Blueprint" button in the Project info tab, or click the blue and white plus (+) button in the Project's work tab:

This will bring up the Blueprint window where you can specify the quantity and other information for blueprints that you'd like to add to the current project.

Combine Quantities - Blueprints that have Calculate Total already enabled will always be created as a single item with the entered quantity. Blueprints without Calculate Total enabled, however, will create multiple items if you add a quantity greater than one in the Blueprint entry window. If you'd like to force Studiometry to create only one line item for all Blueprints, simply check the Combine Quantities checkbox.
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