Editing, Removing, and Deactivating Employees

Studiometry has the ability to maintain a list of employees, each with their own permissions and rates. Work items and tasks can be assigned to employees.

To edit your list of employees, go to Studiometry's Preferences Window > Employees section.


Removing or Deactivating Existing Employees

If an employee leaves your company or needs to be removed from Studiometry for any reason, you have two options. The first, and best options, is to mark the employee as non-live in the system. This will prevent the employee from logging in, but all of their tasks and work items will remain assigned to the employee for historical purposes. The steps are slightly different for Studiometry Cloud and non-Cloud users.

To mark an employee as non-live (Studiometry Cloud users):

  1. Go to Studiometry Cloud's login page at https://cloud.oranged.net
  2. Click Admin Login and enter your admin email and password. Please note that this is different from your employee login used to access Studiometry.
  3. Under the Employees section, double click any employee.
  4. In the window that appears, uncheck "Live Employee" 
  5. Press OK to save your changes. These changes will sync to all other computers.

To mark an employee as non-live (non-Cloud users):

  1. Go to Studiometry's Preferences Window > Employees section
  2. Double-click the employee you want to deactivate
  3. Uncheck the "Live Employee" checkbox. (Please note this checkbox is not editable for the admin employee as to prevent you from locking all employees out of the system)
  4. Press OK to save your changes.


If you want to completely remove the employee and their related information, you can instead delete the employee.

To completely delete an employee:

  1. Go to Studiometry's Preferences Window > Employees section
  2. Select the employee you want to delete
  3. Press the Delete key on the keyboard, or the minus (-) button under the list of employees
  4. Confirm that this cannot be undone and you want to delete the employee.
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    Sarah Prouse

    The steps to make an employee non-live does not apply with Cloud.

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    Oranged Support

    Thanks Sarah, we'll update this with a note for Studiometry Cloud users.

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