Studiometry Touch not Syncing

Studiometry Touch won't correctly sync with Studiometry on my computer.

Make sure you have the correct version of Studiometry

Studiometry Touch requires Studiometry 7.1 or newer.

If you are a registered user of Studiometry 7.x, you can update to Studiometry 7.1 for free by downloading it from our website.

If you own Studiometry 6.x or older, you can upgrade to the current version of Studiometry for $99.95 USD. If you'd like to do this, please contact us for a custom purchase code that can be used on our website.


Make sure Studiometry Touch syncing is enabled. 

If you're running Studiometry 7.1, you'll need to go to Studiometry's Preferences Window > Studiometry Touch section and enable Studiometry Touch syncing. Studiometry Touch can only sync with the server machine if you're running a network of Studiometry machines.


Make sure you're using the correct IP address. 

Connecting to Studiometry from Studiometry Touch will require the correct IP address based on your network setup and current location. If you're attempting to connect to your server while your mobile device is connected to the same wireless network (such as when you're in your office) you'll use the local IP address for the server (most likely starting with 192.168.x.x or 10.0.1.x).

Connecting over the internet or from a remote location will most likely require more setup. You'll have to first find your office's/home's remote IP address by using a service such as: 

Once you've found this address, you will enter that into Studiometry Touch on your mobile device so it will be saved in the Recent Servers list for use whenever you're attempting to connect from outside of your home/office's wireless network.

This may not be everything you need to do, though, as the remote IP address will simply direct the traffic to your router, and not necessarily the server computer. Depending on your router and network setup, you will most likely need to set up your network to route traffic on port 4467 to your Studiometry server's local IP address. This is the same process needed to connect to Studiometry remotely, as well as any other application with networking capabilities using a server in this way. We recommend using your router's manual to see how to route a port to a specific computer. This can seem like a daunting task, but following the instruction it is actually quite simple and is a one-time setup that you'll never need to worry about once you've set up your network correctly.


Make sure your firewall is allowing connections between Studiometry and Studiometry Touch. 

If you have the correct version of Studiometry installed and you have Studiometry Touch syncing enabled, you'll then want to ensure that your firewall settings are allowing Studiometry and Studiometry Touch to communicate. Studiometry Touch uses port 4467, so you should make sure that Studiometry is capable of sending and receiving data on that port on your desktop.

On Mac OS 10.6, your can make sure Studiometry has the ability to make outgoing connections by going to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Security Section. Click the "Advanced..." button, and make sure to add Studiometry to the list and allow incoming connections. 

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    Bruce Young

    Tom - I need some help here with synching.  I have downloaded Touch (ver 1.8) and cannot seem to synch it with my Studiometry (ver 10.0.2) running on my Mac Mini (ver 10.8.2 - Mountain Lion).  I followed your instructions here, identified my IP Address (I am using my home wireless) and made sure my Firewall Studiometry listed as one of the allowed incoming connections.  I was unable to Touch, running on my iPhone4S, to synch -  rather just got the Touch message "Contacting Server" but that's all that happens.  

    What next?


    Toronto, Canada

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