Studiometry Touch crashing after loading screen

If you're having an issue where will crash during or immediately after the loading or syncing screen, this article is for you.


This is most likely caused by having too much data in your Studiometry Touch database. Studiometry Touch can handle thousands of items, but if you have a very large amount of data, the mobile device may not be able to handle all of it.


If Studiometry crashes or will not load, you may need to reinstall it onto your mobile device. You can do this by deleting the Studiometry application from your device and then reinstalling it from iTunes or the App Store. You will not need to reenter your registration information for the device, as it will be stored in Studiometry on your desktop.

We recommend limiting the amount of data synced over to Studiometry Touch if you have a large amount of data in your Studiometry database. You can sync specific groups over by editing the device's data settings in the Studiometry Touch section of the Preferences window. 

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    I am having the same problem and I just purchased the software.  I cant add anything to it cause it crashes right away! So I know I don't have the problem of having too much data cause I have no data. I tried reinstalling but that didn't work.

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    Oranged Support

    Responded to the ticket you opened, it may be related to an issue with a specific client. Please try adding a project by a different method to see if that helps at all.

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