How to initially sync Studiometry Touch

To install Studiometry Touch and begin syncing, first, Download Studiometry from the App Store onto your mobile device:


Syncing Using Studiometry Cloud

Requires Studiometry 12.0 or newer and Studiometry Touch 2.0 or newer, and an active Studiometry Cloud account.

Studiometry Cloud is the easiest and most efficient way to sync data between your desktop and iOS devices. If you don't already have a Studiometry Cloud account, you can signup via the instructions here. Once your account is set up, please use the following instructions to sync:

1. On the Studiometry Touch home screen, tap the orange Cloud Sync button, and enter your login information. If the Cloud Sync button does not appear, go to the Settings > Studiometry Cloud section and continue from there.



Syncing Using Direct Sync

Direct sync requires the purchase of a separate Studiometry Touch license. 

If you want to have Studiometry Touch connect directly to your computer to sync, you will have to do the following:

  1. Open Studiometry on your computer, go to the Preferences Window > Studiometry Touch section and enable Studiometry Touch syncing.
  2. In Studiometry Touch on your mobile device, click the Direct Sync button on the home screen. If this does not appear, go to the Settings > Direct Sync section and click Sync.
  3. In the window that appears type in your computer's IP address. If you're on the same network on both your iOS device and your computer, you can find your local IP address on Mac by going to the System Preferences > Network section. Enter this IP address into your device along with your username and password.
  4. When you successfully connect to Studiometry with Studiometry Touch for the first time, a window will appear on your server where you can enter your serial number. Enter the serial number and you can then sync between Studiometry and Studiometry Touch.
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  • 0
    Peter Frandsen

    Can't get Sync to work under Studiometry v11.2 and Touch v1.8. Activated Touch in both Mac + iPhone (iOS 8.1.3 (Build12B466)). Any tutorial / tips on how-to do this?

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    Oranged Support

    Are you on the same WiFi network with both devices? If so, does the machine appear in the auto-detected servers list?

  • 0
    Peter Frandsen

    Yes and no. Even tried to enter a current ip-no, with no luck.

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