Using Studiometry Touch on iPad and iPhone


If you currently have a license registered to a device and you'd like to move that license to another device, you can do so by following the instructions in the following KB article:
Move license to new device

Studiometry Touch requires one license per device. This means if your company has three (3) iPhones and one (1) iPad, you'll have to purchase four (4) Studiometry Touch licenses.

The ONLY exception to this rule is if you are an individual Studiometry user that owns only one non-networked license, and you have one iPad plus either one iPhone or iPod Touch. In this situation, we ask that you open a support ticket with the following information:
- Your Studiometry for desktop serial number
- Your Studiometry Touch serial number
- Your iPad device ID (can be found in iTunes when the device is plugged in)
- Your iPhone/iPod Touch device ID

Create a support ticket at the following link with all of this information and we can give you additional information about how to proceed:
Create a Support Ticket



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