Generating Invoices in Studiometry Touch

Studiometry Touch can generate invoices locally using a built-in text template. However, custom invoice templates cannot be locally generated on Studiometry Touch due to the lack of custom fonts and the process being too complex to port to a mobile device.

Because of this, Studiometry Touch will instead contact Studiometry on your desktop machine to generate an invoice if you choose to use a custom template.


If you're using Studiometry Cloud, the following process will happen when you attempt to generate an invoice:

  1. Studiometry Touch will tell the Studiometry Cloud servers that it wants an invoice generated
  2. Studiometry Cloud will determine if there are any connected desktop machines from your company. If there are not, you will receive a message in Studiometry Touch.
  3. If there are one or more connected desktop machines, Studiometry Cloud will queue a request for the machines to generate the invoice. Desktop machines periodically check for queued requests roughly every minute.
  4. Once the desktop machine is sent the request, it will generate the invoice and send it to the server as a PDF or HTML file.
  5. Once the server receives the generated invoice, it will send it to your Studiometry Touch device to be displayed and emailed.


If you're using direct syncing, the following will happen when you attempt to generate an invoice:

  1. Studiometry Touch will attempt to sync with your server machine and also send a request for the generated invoice. You will not be able to generate the custom template if you cannot contact your server machine at the time.
  2. If the sync is successful, the server will send back the invoice as a PNG or HTML file for viewing and generating.
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