Transitioning from Studiometry Touch 1.x to Studiometry Touch 2.x

Studiometry Touch 2.0 is a completely separate app from the previous versions. We had to do this to allow both apps to be available at the same time, and we go into detail about why that was necessary in this knowledge base article.


To transition from Studiometry Touch 1.x to the new 2.x version you'll have to do the following:

1. Download Studiometry Touch 2.0 from the App Store
2. Launch Studiometry Touch 2.0. You'll notice that none of your settings or data are copied between the two apps. This is because of the sandboxing of app store apps that prevents one app from loading the data of another app. 
3. To retrieve your data, you'll have to simply sync with Studiometry:

  • If you'll be using Studiometry Cloud, you can click the Cloud Sync button in the home screen and log in to sync.
  • If you're using a direct sync with your server machine, you'll have to click the Direct Sync button, then enter your IP address, user name, and password. You may also have to re-register your Studiometry Touch device, since the newer version might identify as a different device from the previous version of Studiometry Touch. This means you will have to deregister your old device using the instructions available here.

4. Once the new app is set up, you can remove the old version of Studiometry Touch from your device. This will prevent any future confusion of which app to open.

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