What is a Log?

Logs are used in Studiometry to track correspondences (such as emails, phone calls, etc) that are linked to your items within Studiometry. For example, you can create a Log of an email that is linked to a specific Client and Project. The Log can contain the content of the email, and will appear when viewing Logs for the Client or the Project. 





Log Types

Studiometry has several built in "types" of Logs, such as:

  • Phone Call
  • Meeting
  • Email
  • Letter

You can customize the list of types by clicking on the Log Type list and selecting "Edit This Menu." With this, you can use Logs to track any text-based notes that you want to keep in Studiometry, linked to your Studiometry items. So it doesn't have to be just correspondences, it could anything.



Links to Studiometry Items

You can link a Log to Clients, Projects, Contacts, Invoices, Reports, To Dos, or Employees. One Log can be linked to multiple items to indicate any relevant items related to the Log. Clicking on a linked item in the Log will open it within Studiometry, and linking a to a Client or Project will cause the Log to appear in that item's Logs list.



Links to external emails using Drag & Drop

You can add links to emails from Apple Mail (or a select few other email clients) by dragging and dropping the email into the Linked Items list in the Log editing window, or you can create a new Log with the email by dropping it into a Client's or Project's Logs list. This will add a link to the exact email which, when clicked, will bring up the original email in your email client.



Adding Web Links as Logs

Just like with email links, you can add web links or any other type of URL by dragging and dropping it into the Linked Items list or into a list of Logs to create a new Log with the link. These function as clickable links to easily access web pages or other URLs.



Automatically Importing Emails as Logs

If you'd like to have your emails automatically imported into Studiometry as Logs, please see this Knowledge Base article:

Integrate Studiometry with Apple Mail, Entourage, or other email clients



Using Logs to Create To Dos, Events, or Work Items


When viewing a list of Logs in Studiometry (such as a Client's or Project's Logs list) you can right-click on a Log and choose the following options:

  • New To Do From Log...
  • New Event From Log...
  • New Work Item From Log...

Doing so will help you create the specified item with pre-populated fields, and upon creation will automatically add a Link to the newly created To Do/Event/Work item on the original Log.

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    Robert Rabner

    Trying to get my head around Contact Logs in order to make better use of them. If there was any way to either include screen grabs when siting steps in the above tutorial or creating a short video that would be great.

  • 0
    Robert Rabner

    Apparently I'm the only Studiomentry user who A) is interested in this feature or B) does not know how to use it. Either way, a video or screen grabs of what you're referring to above would be a huge help in understanding it's features and functionality.

  • 0
    Mark Gerber

    Yes, please.

    How do you create a timer from the Log window?

    How do you create a To Do from the Log window?

  • 0
    Robert Rabner


    You can not create a timer from the Log window. The information posted in the knowledge base is out of date and no longer a viable work flow. I can not say definitively, but I would guess the same is true for creating a To Do. 

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    Oranged Support

    Hi Guys,

    Yes sorry this  KB article is out of date. You can currently right-click on a log in the logs list and select New To Do/Event/Work Item from this Log to create items based on the log. We will have an updated training video as well as new KB articles for logs available soon.

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    Oranged Support

    We've updated this article to account for the new logs features from recent versions of Studiometry.

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