What is a Contact Log?

Contact Logs are used to keep track of all contact interactions, such as phone conversations, email, or letters.
Contact logs can be timed, and then turned into a Debt/Credit to be added to Invoices. Access and edit Contact Logs by editing a Contact and navigating to the Contact Logs pane.


The Contact Logs tracker is a great tool to help you manage your Contact logs. The Contact Log Tracker makes it easy to find the data you're looking for quickly. Start by selecting a Client, and then either select a Project to see all associated Contact Logs, or select a Contact to see all of that Contact's logs.


Clicking the plus button while a Client is selected will let you choose which of that Client's Contacts you'd like to create a log for. Clicking the plus button while a Contact is selected will go straight to the Contact Log editing window for the selected Contact.


Contact Logs Advanced Settings
Along with the category and information fields, Contact logs can also have time amounts, linked Debt/Credits, and linked To Do's. If you time a phone call via a Contact Log and then Create a Debt/Credit from the log, Studiometry will automatically fill in the time amount, Debt/Credit type (according to the Contact Log type's preference), hours worked, and extra information. If the Contact Log hasn't been stopped once you create the Debt/Credit, stopping the Contact Log will automatically stop the Debt/Credit's timer.


Creating a To Do from a Contact Log is also very useful. Studiometry will prefill the To Do data with information such as date, description, extra info, and even the Contact's next step field.

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    Robert Rabner

    Trying to get my head around Contact Logs in order to make better use of them. If there was any way to either include screen grabs when siting steps in the above tutorial or creating a short video that would be great.

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