Served Files Function Not Working for any file type!

Here is how Served Files Work
When a file is dragged into the file list, you have the option of adding the file as a served file (uploading it to the server machine) or as a local file (simply making a pointer to the file on the local machine). If you upload the file to the server machine, it will then show the upload process and put a copy of the file on the actual server machine. If you are on a client machine and you'd like to download the file, you can double click or right click and select download/checkout/etc.


Begin by verifying you have activated the Served Files Option.  From your Server Computer, open your Studiometry Preferences > This is Computer as Server > select Serve Project Files. 

If Studiometry is syncing data and you have turned on the Served Files setting in Studiometry Preferences, but you cannot post served files on one or all of your machines check your router's ports.

Studiometry uses ports 4465, 4466, and 9090.

You will have to check the port forwarding on your router.

Port 4465: Studiometry data syncing and file syncing information

Port 4466: Studiometry file serving

Port 9090: Network communication and specific types of data syncing

What seems to happen is the both Studiometry Data Syncing and File serving are both accidentally placed on Port 4465.  When you modify the File serving service to use Port 4466, then files serving across the network will work. 

You can also examine any firewall settings, or other network settings for port forwarding or restriction problems, if you have already modified the router port forwarding. 

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