Why don't some of my Debt/Credits show up when I'm creating a new Invoice?

Studiometry allows debt/credits based on specific criterion when creating a new invoice.


A Debt/Credit will be excluded from the list if it:

- Is marked as paid

- Is marked as Non-Billable

- Is attached to another invoice

- Is a running timer that is currently still running or paused

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    Bruce Christianson

    But how can I change it from non-billable back to Billable?


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    Rob Sherrard - Imageer

    Open the non-Billable Debt/Credit. 

    In the Edit Debt/Credit dialog, about 40% down from the top is a List Box labelled Item Mode:

    Click on the spinner in the list box and choose Billable

    Choose OK at the bottom of the dialog to save the change, and continue with creating or editing your Invoice

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