How many licenses do I need?

Studiometry requires one license for each computer it will be run on, including the server machine. You can purchase multi-user packs in quantities of 5, 10, or 20, or you can purchase an unlimited site license.


If you have a network setup with 3 computers (2 clients and a server), you would purchase 3 licenses. Each Studiometry license, including the license for the server, allows you to view and edit your Studiometry data on the machine. Any machine can be used as your "server" and does not need to be a designated server or have a specific server OS.

Once you reach 5, 10, or 20 users, you can purchase discounted multi-user packs. If you have already purchased 3 licenses and would like to upgrade to a 5 user pack, for example, please contact us and we will set up a custom purchase that allows you to simply pay the remaining amount of the multi-user pack to upgrade to the multi-user pack.

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