Issue modifying items on network after Studiometry 5.1

When first setting up the time zones on a network, some users may encounter issues with items not updating correctly.


This will most likely happen in the following situations:
- Connecting a client machine to a server machine for the first time when the server is in a time zone where the time is lower than the client machines time (example the client time is 3:00 pm and the server's time is 2:00 pm). If there are items that are on the client machine that were created before the client machine connected to the server and the items are not on the server machine then you will need to wait for the time on the server machine to be after the original modified date of the item on the client machine.

You can get around this one time delay by simply editing the item on the server machine once, which will effectively enable the new time zone changes for that specific item. You can also select the Networking Menu > Reset All Modified Dates item on the server machine.

It is highly recommended to do a clean sync with a server machine when connecting across time zones for the first time.
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