What does Networking Menu > Reset Deleted Items List do?

In Studiometry 5.1.1 and newer you have the option of resetting the Deleted Items List from your server machine's Networking Menu.


This will reset the list of items that have been deleted on the network, such as deleted clients or projects. This list is maintained to tell machines on the network when an item was deleted while the machine was not connected. The list is maintained to ensure all connected machines are up to date with the deleted items in the database.

Clearing this list could have performance benefits for slower machines and for networks where the deleted list becomes very large. It is recommended to have all machines connected to the network when clearing the deleted list, and this must be done from the server machine. Please note that any deleted items that have not been deleted on all machines that would connect to the network may reappear after resetting the deleted list if the machines were not connected when resetting the deleted list. 

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