Connecting to a remote Studiometry server

Studiometry Cloud is now available. This means you don't need to set up and manage a network, server, and clients. You can just log in to your account and have Studiometry do all of the setup and syncing for you. To read more about Studiometry Cloud, please visit:


You can connect to your Studiometry server over the internet, but you might need to set up a few things to make this possible.


To connect to your server machine when you are not at the office you will need to first get the IP address of your office. You can do this at your office by going to a website such as:

You will enter this IP address on the client machine when you are out of the office to connect back and sync the data with your server machine. If your internet provider does not give you a static IP address, then your IP may change from time to time. You should ask your internet provider for a static IP address or use an IP forwarding service such as to solve this problem.

Airport Extreme Setup

If you're using an Airport Extreme, you can easily set up your router to send information to your server machine. To do this, first get your server machine's local IP address by doing the following:
  1. Select Apple Menu > System Preferences
  2. Go to the Networking preferences pane
  3. Select Wi-Fi from the list on the left
  4. You will then see your IP address on the right. It should say "Wi-Fi is connected to (your wireless network) and has the IP address"
  5. Write down this address, and then go to your AirPort Utility (in Applications/Utilities, or you can simply use Spotlight to find it)
  6. In Airport utility, click your router, click Edit, and then go to the Network tab
  7. Click Enable default host at, and then put in the IP address found in step 4/5.
  8. (optional) You can also setup individual Studiometry ports to forward to that IP address as well, you can setup ports 4465, 4466, and 4467 to route to the server's IP address.
  9. Click Update to save the changes.
You can now setup your client machines to connect to your remote IP address (found at or the address provided by your ISP), and any connections will be sent to your server machine.

Other Router Setups

If you're not using an Airport, you'll have to use your router's manual to setup the router at your office to forward Studiometry traffic to your server machine. You should forward the following ports to your Studiometry server from your router:

  • 4465 on TCP/IP
  • 4466 on TCP/IP
  • 4467 on TCP/IP (for Studiometry Touch)

To setup the port mapping, you'll have to check out your specific router's instructions. Most likely you will use a web browser to connect to your router and modify the settings in there.

Once you've forwarded the ports and entered the IP address on the client machine, you should be able to connect. If you have issues, be sure to open ports 4465 and 4466 on the client machine and the server machine's firewalls. If these ports are blocked, Studiometry will not be able to communicate.
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    I tried to connect using these instructions but I couldn´t, can you give more detailed information please...? I think just mentioning which ports must be open is not enough to configure a remote access, please help us, I really need to connect to my office`s Studiometry server to sync info on weekends.  LD

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    Rob Sherrard - Imageer

    Difficulties connecting to the server most likely have to do with the setup at  the server end. Are other users from your office able to connect to the server from their home?

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    Kristin Gannon

    I can connect via the office LAN, but not outside of it.

    Running OS 10.7 with firewall on and configured to allow incoming connections from Studiometry. I have enabled port forwarding on my server's router.

    When I have the option to "Connect To A Different IP Address..." what should I enter? Entering my server's static web IP does not allow me to connect.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Rob Sherrard - Imageer

    Unless your server computer is connected directly to the outside internet, it is likely that there is a router between your office LAN and the outside internet. If that router is not configured to allow traffic from Studiometry to pass through, you will not be able to establish communications. You may need to consult with your office network tech support to allow communications through that router.

    "Connect to A Different IP Address" displays when the client doesn't "see" an active Studiometry server at the IP address set up in the client's  Preference, Networking scene. Other than cancelling an unsuccessful connection attempt, that Connect to A Different IP Address popup is only useful for a configuration  where a client is trying to connect to an alternate Studiometry server (from the one programmed in Preferences).

    Also, the IP address needed is the one your office LAN shows to the outside world, not the internal IP shown to other computers in your LAN. This is the one you would obtain by pointing your browser to www.whatis*myip*.com/

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    Brad DePasse

    I have the same problem as Kristen. I can connect when I am inside the network but not on the outside. I have my VPN set-up correctly and I use many other apps with this configuration. I should be able to use the private IP to connect to Studiometry like i do inside the network but it just spins and never connects. Studiomtery should give you the option to bind to one NIC or IP and I don't see that setting anywhere - yet it connects to any either of my nice/IPs on the network. This is not proper nor secure.  HELP!


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