Text Wrap in Visual Templates

Problem: I can't seem to figure out how to get multiple lines to appear for a single item in a data column in visual invoice or report template. I've clicked text wrap but that doesn't do much.


1. Text Wrap in Data Rows

Text wrapping in data rows does two great things: (1) it wraps long strings of text to allow it to appear on multiple lines, and (2) it can actually resize the vertical height of the data row to accommodate much more information. Variables and Static Text items will automatically wrap in a data row, but if you're like to have the item, and the row automatically resize based on the amount of content in a field, do the following:

  1. While editing your Data Row, select a variable item that you would like to have flexible height.
  2. In the Properties editor of the template window, under Position > Height, there will be a popup box with Constant and Flexible. Selecting Flexible will give the item the ability to resize vertically to fit any extra information.

For more information please refer to the Setup section in the Data Rows article.

2. Text Wrap in Data Columns

To properly use the Text Wrap feature for a data column, you need to modify two settings. First, select the data column and in the properties window check the "Text Wrap" box. What this will do is allow Studiometry to wrap the text of each row IF there is enough vertical space in the row to show additional lines. You then will need to expand the height of the rows by increasing the data column's line height and/or line spacing. The line height will give additional room for multiple lines while still maintaining a uniform height between rows.

After you have properly selected a line height/spacing, it is recommended that you apply the same line height and spacing to all other data columns on the same page to ensure that all columns line up correctly when generating the invoice. 

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