Add Project Specs to Invoices or Reports as a Custom Variable

You can add a Project Spec to your Invoices or Reports.

For Visual Invoice and Report templates when adding a New Variable select Custom Variable and use the format spec-ProjectSpecName.  When placing a variable in a text box enter <!--spec-ProjectSpecName--> tag.

Use the <!--spec-ProjectSpecName--> tag in your code-based templates.

Replace "ProjectSpecName" with the name you have entered for the Project Spec. 


More Details

To add a predefined suite of specs to the Project, select the suite from the popup menu underneath the specs list. A spec suite will usually consist of a number of fields that you would usually enter into your Project. For example, the built in suite name "Web Page" includes "Server," "Password," and "URL." You can create and customize the Spec Suites by clicking the "Add Suite" button and selecting "Edit Spec Suites."

To access your Project Specs in an Invoice or Report template, you would use the Spec tag. If your spec is named "Color" then you would put "spec-Color" as the tag. Studiometry will grab value for the first Project Spec labeled Color.

Step by Step Set-up and Implementation Specs and Spec tags:
1.) In the Studiometry Main Window, open any project and press the Project Info tab.
2.) Press the Add Suite button. Enter the Project Spec Names however you would like to them to be into a new Spec Suite.
3.) Press OK. Now you can use this Spec Suite for ANY project!

4.) Open an Invoice or Report template in the Visual Editor.  (Studiometry Main Window > Preferences > Invoices/Reports)
5.) Press the New Variable icon.
6.) Move the Variable box where you would like it to be.
7.) The Variable Selection and Editing window will appear.
8.) Click on the Variable drop-down menu and select Custom Variable.
9.) A text box will appear just below the Variable drop-down menu. Type "spec-" first, followed by the specs exact name. (For example, "spec-ProjectInfo")

This feature works great with the new Spec Suites, allowing you to easily use the same name between differing projects, manage your Project Specs, and access the data with the same invoice template. 

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