Introduction to Invoice and Report Templates

Studiometry has the ability to create Invoice and Report templates using your choice of either (A) the built-in Visual WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, or using (B) the code-based template editor. You can maintain templates of both formats in the Preferences Window > Templates section.

A. Visual Templates

These templates are created in Studiometry using the built-in Invoice Template editor. Creating a visual template is very easy and requires no coding or programming knowledge. 


Visual templates let you easily create a template by laying out a page of elements such as pictures, text, and variables. Data Rows or Data Columns are used to format and display the information (work items, payments, projects, etc) on the template.

Visual Template Training Movies:

B. Code-Based Templates 

Code-based templates can be created in Studiometry to produce output for Invoices or Reports in nearly any language (html, css, xml, etc). Studiometry takes whatever code is entered in your code-based template and replaces only the variables it recognizes as Studiometry variables. It will leave the rest of your code alone, giving you the ability to inject any type of document with data relating to your invoices and reports.
Certain special tags are used in code-based templates to show the information (work items, payments, projects, etc) on the template. A full list of variables with definitions and descriptions is available for reference.

Code Template Training Movies:
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