Only show used taxes on an Invoice

Common question for invoices: How can I get rid of the unused taxes and show only the used ones?


You will need to edit your Invoice template and change the way it handles taxes. To edit your template, navigate to the Preferences Window > Invoices/Reports section.


If you are using a Visual template, your taxes will either be listed out through data columns (using the TaxName, TaxAmount, etc columns), or through a data row labeled as Taxes.

If your Visual template uses data columns, you need to change the values of the columns from TaxName to TaxWithValueName and TaxAmount to TaxWithValueAmount. The tax with value data columns will only show information on taxes that have a value greater than zero in the report.

If your Visual template uses data rows, you will simply need to change the data row type from "Tax" to "Taxes With Value." This will change all of the corresponding variables within the data row. 



If your template is a code-based template, simply open it and replace the following tags (spaces added for formatting, make sure to just use the tags as correctly formatted in Studiometry):

Replace <!--taxes--> with <!--taxeswithvalue-->

Replace <!--/taxes--> with <!--/taxeswithvalue-->

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