Visual Templates Now Stored within Database

Studiometry 10.0 and newer will now store, and sync your visual invoice and report templates directly into the database and over the network. This results in a few changes from 9.x and older:

  • Template files are no longer updated and saved to the NewTemplates section of Studiometry's data folder
  • Visual Templates are now synced over the network, similar to your Clients and Projects, for example
  • All machines will now have the exact same list of Visual Templates
  • Removing a Visual Template from one machine will remove it from all machines
This change was made for both convenience in setting up Studiometry, as well as parity between different machines on a network.

Updating from 9.x (or older) to 10.x (or newer)

When you first update your Studiometry setup from 9.x to 10.x, Studiometry will have to transition from the old template storage system to the new. The steps Studiometry will take depend on your network settings on the machine:

  • Single Users/Non-networking machines: Studiometry will import all of the templates on your machine from the old format into the database.
  • Server Machines: Studiometry will import all of the templates on the server machine from the old format into the database. This is the list that will be used for all machines on your Studiometry network.
  • Client Machines: Studiometry will not import your templates automatically on this machine, but they will remain within your data folder and can be manually imported if they were not already on the server machine. This behavior is intended to prevent any duplicates from being created during the upgrading process from 9.x to 10.x, as the server machine will be importing all of the available visual templates.

Importing Templates that were not automatically added

If you have templates that were not added to your templates list for any reason, you can still find the old template file and manually import it into Studiometry using the following steps:

  1. With Studiometry 10.x or newer, select File Menu > Data Management > Show Data Folder in Finder
  2. Locate and open the NewTemplates folder within your Studiometry data folder. Your template files will be in this NewTemplates folder and have file names with the .sut extension
  3. You can then drag & drop the files onto your Studiometry icon, or within Studiometry select File Menu > Import > Visual Invoice/Report Templates...
  4. This will open the template in a window within Studiometry. Press Command-S (Control-S on Windows) to save the new template to your Studiometry database.
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