Showing and Hiding Specific Categories on Invoices and Reports

The features in this article require Studiometry 10.0 or newer.

Studiometry has the ability to customize the display mode for each Work Type (or Debt/Credit Category). This is set on a per-template basis, and these settings can be found while editing your template by clicking the Template Info toolbar button, and then going to the Debt Categories tab. See the picture below:


For each category, you can specifically set whether or not it is:

  • Included in Debt Rows. This means that your work and expense items of that category will be shown item-by-item within the template's Debt Data Row. Unchecking this for a category means that individual line items of this category will not be shown, but their total will still count towards the invoice/reports total.
  • Included in Category Rows. This means that the category itself will appear in your Category data rows, which are used to show subtotals for the entire category within the invoice or report. Unchecking this for a category means that the entire category will not be shown in your template's Category Data row section (if you have one in the template).
Using a combination of both of these settings, you can tailor specifically how you want your items and categories to appear. Some examples of how this can be used are:
  • Hiding expense types from Category rows so that only hourly amounts are summarized
  • Setting all of your hourly types to appear only in the Category Rows, and Expense Types to appear only in your Debt Rows will result in your hourly items being consolidated (all of your design work as one entry, programming as another combined entry, etc), and all of your expenses being shown in full detail
  • Hiding certain types entirely, such as discounts, so they are not shown in your summaries or itemized areas, but still count against the total for your invoice or report
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