Display Client or Project picture on an Invoice/Report template

With Studiometry 11 and newer you can add a custom picture to each client and project that will be displayed within that item's overview. To add a picture to a project:

  1. Select the project in the main window
  2. Click the edit icon in the top right, or click the project's name to bring up the project editing window
  3. Click the Choose Picture button and then select or add a picture for the project

Once a project/client has a picture, it can be added to invoice and report templates. To add the picture to a template:

  1. Go to the Preferences Window > Templates section
  2. Double-click on the template you'd like to edit
  3. Click the "New Picture" toolbar button
  4. Move/size the picture box to where you'd like it to appear
  5. With the picture box selected, in the properties on the right under Picture select Client Picture or Project Picture.


The associated picture will now appear on the invoice when one is available.

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