Show/Hide Items Dynamically on Invoice/Report Templates

Studiometry has the ability to show or hide individual items within a template based on the selected "Show" setting for each item. 

First, to edit any of your invoice and report templates, go to the Preferences Window > Templates section, and double-click on any visual invoice or report template. Once you have a template open, you can select any template item (such as a picture, variable, text field, etc) and the item's properties will appear in the right side of the template editor.


The properties editor lets you change many things about each template item within the template, such as the positioning, size, font, and more. In this KB article we are focusing on the Show setting, which determines if the selected template item will be displayed when the invoice or report is actually generated using the template.

Show: Always

The template item will appear every time that the invoice or report is generated. This is the default setting for items added to templates.

Show: Invoice Unpaid

The template item will only appear when the template is used for an unpaid invoice. This can be used to show a watermark, warning, or additional information related to an invoice being unpaid.

Show: Invoice Paid

The template item will only appear when the template is used for a paid invoice. The can be used to show that you're producing a receipt for the paid invoice, for example, by adding a simple text item that says "Invoice Paid".

Show: Invoice Overdue

The template item will only appear when the template is used for an overdue invoice. This is a great way to add a bold warning or watermark to show your client that the invoice is past due without having to do anything besides resend the invoice.

Show: Client Has Retainer

The template item will only appear when the associated client has a retainer within Studiometry. You can use this to add fields and variables to your templates that will appear for clients with retainers, but be hidden for your clients that do not have retainers.

Show: Variable Value Doesn't Equal Zero

The template item will only appear when the value of the variable does not equal zero. This setting can only be used on Variables within your templates. If the value of a variable equals zero or is not a number, then the variable will be hidden. This is a good way to, for example, have a list of items that show their values, but hide values that are zero.

Show: Embedded Variable Has Value (Text Areas Only)

Available in Studiometry 11.1.2 and newer

The template item will only appear when it is a text area with an embedded variable that has any value.

Text areas in templates can have variables embedded into the text that will be evaluated when the template is generated. So, for example, you could have a text area that has the following text:

Client City: <!--ClientCity-->

Studiometry will evaluate the variable syntax of <!--[VariableName]--> and replace it with the associated variable. In this case, it would replace the <!--ClientCity--> tag with the associated client's entered city.

However, if you never entered a city for the client and you did NOT select Show: Embedded Variable Has Value for the text area, Studiometry would simply show the label of "Client City: " and not have any content for the variable. When Show: Embedded Variable Has Value is selected for the text area, the entire text area will be shown or hidden based on the content of the embedded variable. If multiple variables are embedded within a text area, at least one has to have value for the text area to be shown.



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