Upgrade my Version of Studiometry

Once a year Studiometry is upgraded to a completely new version number.  This indicates that Studiometry has been upgraded to a completely new version.
While Oranged Software provides users with regular free updates throughout the year, once a year a completely new version of Studiometry is released.  For example, a simple update is moving from Studiometry 5.1.1 to 5.1.2.  While an upgrade is moving from Studiometry 4.x to 5.x.  You are not required to upgrade to the newest version, you can choose to upgrade based on how the newer version meets your needs.
To upgrade, visit the Studiometry Download webpage at http://www.oranged.net/studiometry/ and download the newest version of Studiometry.  Trial this version of Studiometry.
If after testing, you would like to purchase simply visit the Oranged Software Store at https://www.oranged.net/store/ and select the upgrade option.  In the event you do not see an upgrade option for your version of Studiometry or have questions, please open a Support Ticket on the Oranged Software Help Desk and a Oranged Representative will assist you.  The Oranged Software Support site is located at http://support.oranged.net/
NOTE:  Studiometry stores all your data files and folders into a hidden folder on your hard drive. You do not have to worry about erasing your data if you delete Studiometry or previous versions of program.  You can place any previous versions, such as 5.1.2, in the Recycle Bin or delete them completely.
---Right-Click on the icon and select Get Info or Properties. Verify version number.
---With Studiometry open click File menu > About Studiometry. Verify version number.
---If you have any older or previous versions delete each one.  Perform a system wide search.
---Download the newest version of Studiometry for both Mac and Windows at: http://www.oranged.net/studiometry/
4.) ---For MAC:  Drag and Drop the downloaded file into your Applications Folder, then drag and drop it into your dock.
     ---For Windows:  Place the download folders into the same directory and choose a convenient location that is easily accessible.  

How do version numbers work?

When you purchase a copy of Studiometry you are entitled to free updates for the entire main version number that you purchase. For example, if you purchase Studiometry 8.x, you will receive free updates for Studiometry 8.1, 8.1.1, 8.2, etc.

Once per year we release an optional upgrade that includes a large amount of new features, in this example it would be version 9.x. Existing users have two options of what they can do when a pay-for upgrade is release:

  • They can purchase the upgrade for a discounted price and then receive free subsequent updates, such as 9.0.1, 9.1, etc.
  • They can continue using 8.x indefinitely and ignore Studiometry 9.x, because they own Studiometry 8.x and the license never expires.



How do I upgrade to a new version?


Upgrades to new versions can be purchased directly from our store at:

Studiometry will automatically create a backup of your data with all of the settings from the previous version whenever you run a new version of the software. To install a new version of Studiometry:

  1. Quit your current version of Studiometry
  2. Download the new version of Studiometry from: http://www.oranged.net/studiometry/download
  3. Follow the installation instructions included in the download file
  4. When you launch Studiometry, if your license does not include the new version you will be given a new 30-day trial with your data intact. You can at any point purchase an upgrade license to continue using the new version of Studiometry with your data.

If you have accidentally upgraded to a new version of Studiometry that your license does not cover, and you would like to go back to your old version of Studiometry, please see this post:

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