Downloading Studiometry onto Windows

Downloading Studiometry onto Windows can present some degree of difficulty.  Studiometry is currently constructed using several software programs, a number of support files must be available for Studiometry to utilize.  This means users are required to keep certain files in the same directory.

We are currently devising a more user-friendly way to place Studiometry on Windows machines for easier pinpointing. 



Here is a set of instructions for how to place Studiometry 5.x or later on your desktop and access it easily.

1.) Download the latest version of Studiometry at our download page:
2.) Once the files have completed, extract the files in the ZIP folder.
3.) Once the files have been extracted you will see a new window pop-up. It will have a file folder labeled Studiometry and a text file labeled Instructions.

4.) Double-Click on Studiometry. Now you will see three file folders (Extras, Help, Studiometry) and two documents (EULA and Changes).
5.) Right-click on the Studiometry folder and select rename. Enter Studiometry followed by the version number.
6.) The Drag and drop the file folder onto your desktop. Now you will be able to locate and launch from your desktop.

You perform these actions for one specific reason. The program Studiometry needs the Studiometry Libs file folder to operate and by performing these actions you not only ensure these items are in the same directory, also make it easy to find.

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