Studiometry Data File Folder Location and Contents

In Studiometry 8.1 and newer you have the option to modify the default data location. If you have done this then your data files may be at a custom location.
Your Studiometry data files are kept in a hidden folder separate from your Studiometry program files.  Here are the respective locations of the data file folders on Mac and Windows operating systems.

Home/Library/Application Support/Studiometry/

Perform a Search for [com.studiometry.plist] including all hidden files and folders. When it shows up in the search right click on it and select open containing folder.  This folder is your Studiometry file folder containing your data.




This list outlines the contents of your Studiometry data file folder.

This is the backup location for all your backup files.

This is your Studiometry preferences data file. This contains most of your settings as well as registration information.

This file contains all of your Studiometry data objects (clients, contact, debt/credits, invoices, etc).

This folder contains all of your Visual Template files.

Old Data/
Whenever you upgrade your version of Studiometry, your data from the previous version is dumped into the Old Data folder.

Server Files/
This folder contains the files you serve over your Studiometry Network.

This folder contains all of your code-based templates.

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