Color Code Clients

You can color code your clients in two ways. 

You can manually choose a client's color by selecting the color in the client's Client Info pane.


You can color your clients based on their client category which you designate.  The set-up for this process is outlined below. 


You begin by activating the function for designating clients color by category.
In the Studiometry main window , click Preferences > Display > Color Clients by Category > Category.

Then you choose the color you like for each of client categories. Create the client categories for each of your clients ( for example Video artist, sound composer, etc.) if you have not already. You can delete the current presets and make your own exclusive categories if you like.
In the Studiometry main window, click Preferences > Categories > choose each Client's Color by Category.

Now in any Client Info pane you simply choose the appropriate Client Category and your client will reflect your preassigned color.

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