Studiometry Cloud Settings Require Active Connection

An active connection is required to modify certain preferences and settings on Studiometry Cloud. If you have been disconnected for three or more minutes, or your computer has gone off line or to sleep and cannot reconnect to Studiometry Cloud, you will receive an error message every time a setting that requires an active connection is changed.

The reason for this is simple, changing these settings will temporarily update them on your local machine, but the changes will not be saved to Studiometry Cloud and will be overwritten by the saved settings from Studiometry Cloud the next time you connect.

If you are receiving this error message when you think you may not be actually changing settings, please not that Studiometry may be attempting to update settings in the background based on your actions.


Creating Clients, Projects, Invoices, or Reports while not connected to Studiometry Cloud

If you use incremental ID formats in Studiometry, you may not want to create clients, projects, invoices, or reports without an active connection to Studiometry Cloud. This is because when you create a new item, Studiometry will increment the ID format locally and assign an ID to your newly created item. However, if someone else also creates an item before you are able to sync with Studiometry Cloud, their machine will have no way of knowing that you have incremented the last ID number for an item.

For example, if the next client ID number will be CL1115, and you create a client on your machine while not connected to Studiometry Cloud, your machine will know that CL1115 has been used and CL1116 is next, but no one else will. If someone else creates a client before you sync with Studiometry Cloud, it will have the ID number of CL1115.

There are several different ways you could remedy the situation:

  • Only create these types of items while you have an active connection to Studiometry Cloud
  • Use an ID format that isn't incremental. For example, you can use random letters, or the exact date information in your ID format to make it more reliable
  • You can use Studiometry's built-in ID checking functions to resolve these issues after the fact. To do this, go to Studiometry's Preferences Window > ID Numbering section, and then change the Identical IDs setting to help assist you when there are duplicate ID numbers
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