Studiometry Cloud Login Types

Studiometry Cloud has two types of logins: your company's Admin Login, and each employee's Employee Login. You can read about the differences between the two below.

Company ID

Your Studiometry Cloud Company ID is required to login as an employee or to upload a copy of your database to Studiometry Cloud. This ID was entered with your first signed up for Studiometry Cloud.

If you do not know your ID, you can retrieve it by logging in to your Studiometry Cloud account using your Admin Login, then clicking Account Info, and then viewing it in the Company ID field.

Admin Login

Each Studiometry Cloud account will have one admin login consisting of an email and a password. The email on file for the admin login is where all Studiometry Cloud account notifications will be sent. This login is used for the following:

  • Logging in to manage your account on the Studiometry Cloud web site
  • Uploading a new database or replacing the existing database on your Studiometry Cloud account

The Admin Login is completely separate from your Studiometry data, and is not used to log in to any employee or account within Studiometry itself.


Employee Login

Every employee on your Studiometry Cloud account will have their own employee login consisting of a username and a password. This can be set or changed in Studiometry's Preferences Window > Employees section, or via the Studiometry Cloud web site. 

The employee login is used to sign in to Studiometry each time you launch the app. This will also be used to sign in to the Studiometry Cloud web portal when it becomes available.

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