Studiometry Cloud Client Access

With Studiometry 12.2 or newer and an active Studiometry Cloud account, you can now let your Clients log in to view and access parts of their projects. Any changes or feedback they provide on Studiometry Cloud will automatically appear in Studiometry on your computer, phone, or tablet. 


This article will go over three important parts of Client access:

  • I. Client Login and Permissions
  • II. Branding
  • III. Available Features


I. Client Login & Permissions

Studiometry Cloud access and permissions are set on a per-Client basis. That means you can enable or disable the ability for each Client to log in and access specific Cloud features. 


To Generate Login Credentials and Customize Permissions for All Clients:

  1. Select Cloud Menu > Cloud Settings Window
  2. In the window that appears, under Client Login Credentials & Permissions, you can quickly add login credentials and edit the permissions for all of your clients.
  3. Click Generate Login Credentials for all Clients to have Studiometry create randomize logins and passwords for all live clients that do not yet have login credentials. These will not be sent out automatically in any way.
  4. Click Mass Edit Client Cloud Permissions to change permissions for all clients.


To Customize the Login and Permissions for a Single Client:


  1. Select the Client in Studiometry, and then from the Client's Overview, click the Cloud button (highlighted in red above) and select Set Up Cloud Access
  2. Make sure Allow Studiometry Cloud access for this Client is checked.
  3. Click the Generate Login & Password button, if if you'd like custom credentials, you can enter anything you'd like into the fields.
  4. Click on the Permissions tab to customize what the client can and cannot see when logged in to Studiometry Cloud.
  5. Be sure to press the OK button to save the changes to Studiometry Cloud before sending any login information to your client.



II. Branding

You can customize the look of the page your client sees when they log in to Studiometry Cloud. 


You can customize the logo displayed to your clients on Studiometry Cloud. To set a custom logo:

  1. In Studiometry 12.2 or newer on your desktop computer, select File Menu > Suites > Image Library
  2. Click the Add New Picture button
  3. Drag and drop an image file into the window that appears, or click on the image box and select an image file from disk.
  4. Enter CLOUDLOGO into the Tags field. This is how you will designate which image from your library will be used on Studiometry Cloud. If you have more than one image in your library with the CLOUDLOGO tag, Studiometry Cloud will choose one to display. This means that if you already have a logo set and you want to change to a new logo, make sure to remove the CLOUDLOGO tag from your previous logo.
  5. Click Save. Once the changes are synced to Studiometry Cloud, any Client that logs in will see the logo at the top of the page instead of the generic Studiometry Cloud logo.




 III. Available Features


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