Studiometry Cloud - Client's Project List

With Studiometry Cloud and Studiometry 12.2 or newer, you can send reports, estimates, and purchase orders to your Clients for approval.

You will first need to set up access for your Clients. To do this, please see this Knowledge Base article. Once your clients have their access configured and have given them the proper permissions, they will be able to see a list of active projects along with their status, category, and stage.


I. Customize available fields

You can change the fields shown to each client by editing their Cloud Access permissions. To do this, edit the Client by selecting it and pressing Command-I (Control-I on Windows) and then going to the Studiometry Cloud Access tab.

Next, go to the Permissions subsection. You can enable or disable the ability to see several fields related to live projects. These permissions can be customized per-client. If you want to mass-edit client permissions, please see Section II of this article.


II. Request more features

If you have something you really want to show your Clients, let us know! We're very responsible to customer feedback and we want Studiometry Cloud to be as useful for you and your Clients as possible! Submit a support ticket with your request and we'll let know know if we'll be able to get it into an upcoming version for you.


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