Studiometry 6.1.x isn't syncing with Accounted


When I try to sync Accounted with Studiometry 6.1.3 or newer I get:

These was an error syncing with Studiometry
Please make sure your copy of Studiometry 4.1.6 or newer is open and running on this machine. If Studiometry is running and you still get this error, wait 5 seconds and try your porevious action again or restart Studiometry.

I tried all of the above solutions and it still does not sync.


Studiometry 6.1.3 and newer are capable of syncing with Accounted 2.x. If you'd like to sync with Accounted 1.x, please go to Studiometry's Preferences Window > System Syncing Section and under the Accounted section select version 1.x.
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