Moving to Mac App Store version of Accounted

You can easily move from to the Mac App Store version of Accounted from the standard version. The data files themselves (.actd) transfer over without any issue. Your preferences, and most recent open file are the only thing that you might need to setup.

To get your preferences into the Mac App Store Accounted:
1. Make sure no copy of Accounted is open
2. Move your Accounted preferences file from the old location at:
Home/Library/Preferences/Accounted Prefs

to the new location of:
Home/Library/Application Support/com.orangedsoftware.accounted/Accounted Prefs


To open your old data file: 
If when you launch Accounted from the Mac App store your data file doesn't show up, you will have to tell Accounted to open the file. Choose File Menu > Open, and then find your Accounted data file on your machine and select it. Accounted data files end in ".actd", so if you don't know where the data file is, just search your hard drive for that.


With these two things you should have no issue transitioning to the App Store version.

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