Importing from Quickbooks, MYOB, etc to Accounted

Accounted can import many data types including:

  • Quickbooks IIF
  • Quicken QIF
  • Delimited Text
  • Paypal History
  • Studiometry Data
  • Address Book Information

If you currently use Quickbooks, MYOB, or any other solution for your accounting needs and would like to switch over to Accounted, you have a few options for how you'd like to make the change. While Accounted can import and export a large number of file types, other accounting packages generally try to prohibit you from completely exporting all of your data in an attempt to "lock" you into their software.

1. Getting your data out of your current program

Depending on your program, you may be able to export nothing, a list of accounts, or maybe even all of your transactions. Generally exporting is handled by going to the File Menu > Export section and seeing what options are available. If you can get your account list or actual transactions exported to delimited text, IIF, QIF, or other compatible formats then you can easily get them into Accounted.

Quickbooks will generally only allow you to export a list of accounts with their current balances. Because of this, you may need to fill in historical data (step 3 of this article) and then choose a switch date (step 4 of this article).

2. Getting your data into Accounted

Once you've exported the files from your previous accounting program, you'll want to get them into Accounted. Go to File Menu > Import and select the appropriate option from there. 

The delimited text importer in Accounted is very powerful and will let you import almost any data from a text file based on values for rows and columns.

3. Filling In Historical Data

If your previous accounting program does not allow you to export transaction information but you'd like to still have some type of history in Accounted, you can fill in data for previous periods for your income and expense accounts. To do this, navigate to Company Menu > Edit Historical Data...


This will let you enter totals for previous years or months so that the charts, totals, and reports in Accounted all correctly show past data even though its not actually in the program.

4. Choose a switch date

If you could not import all of your transactions from your previous solution you can always choose a switch date and enter account balances and historical data from that exact date. Generally switching is easiest on the first day of your fiscal year, as you can then use Accounted for your entire year's Accounting purposes, and refer back to your previous program if you ever need additional information about data from the past.

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