Incorrect balances after updating to Accounted 3.1.1

After updating to Accounted 3.1.1, some users may notice a slight change in some of their account balances. Don't worry, nothing has actually changed, it's just a modification in the way that Accounted calculates the balances at the beginning of the account, and it's easy to quickly fix.

In Accounted 3.1.1, transactions that have a date before an account's start date will no longer count when calculating the current and running balance. If the entered items actually should be counting against the balance, all you need to do is:

  1. Double click your bank account in the accounts list to edit it
  2. Change the start date to a date that is before all of the transactions included in the account
  3. Press OK. Your balances will now calculate the same way they did before Accounted 3.1.1.
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