Mac App Store Sandbox Information

Accounted 4.0 and newer on the Mac App Store are now "sandboxed." This is an attempt by Apple to make the programs available from the Mac App Store more secure. This will cause some changes to how you can access and edit data using Accounted 4.

The most important change is that Accounted can no longer access any files outside of its Sandboxed container. This means that if your 3.x data files were stored on your desktop or in your documents folder, Accounted 4.x won't be able to access them.

Loading Your Existing 3.x Data Files

Accounted will attempt to load any 3.x data, but may not be able to due to the new restrictions. If your data is not loaded when you first launch Accounted 4, please do the following:

  1. Go to the Finder
  2. In a new Finder window, type ".actd" without the quotes into the search box at the top-right of the finder window.
  3. You should see one or more Accounted data files. You can double-click any of these to open them in Accounted.
  4. At that point, Accounted will walk you through the steps of copying the data into the Sandboxed container

Managing Multiple Accounted Files

We've added in a new window to help you manage the files that you're unable to easily see in the Finder. Accounted will let you select from any file within the Sandbox, or remove files from the window that appears. When you open a new Accounted file, a copy will be made in the Sandboxed container and a link will be added to the Open Files window.

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    Since the accounted database is Sandboxed, there is no way to save the file someplace else more convenient for some.  For example, in my case I had the file in dropbox and could access it from my Mac computer at the office and my Macbook at home.  Now I am restricted to only one computer.


    Oranged, do you have a way around it?

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    Oranged Support

    Sorry Pezziam, currently there is no way with the sandboxed Mac App Store build for us to get around this. We have to acquiesce to Apple's requirements on the Mac App Store, and Sandboxing is now a requirement. This is part of the reason we delayed the update of Accounted on there for so long.

    If you want, you can switch to the non-Mac App Store version of Accounted to get back full functionality. To do this, please open a new ticket at:

    And provide your receipt or proof of Accounted purchase on the Mac App Store.


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    Alex Gray

    This was not one bit helpful


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    This was not one bit helpful because search returns zero results.


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    Oranged Support

    Hi Alex,

    Please try the following:

    1. Hold down the Option key in the Finder and then select Go Menu > Library 
    2. In the window that appears, type .actd into the search box and then make sure that in the bar right below the toolbar, you have "Library" selected instead of "This Mac" or "Macintosh HD"
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