Filtering Accounted by Fiscal Year

Why is there a year splitter?

Accounted 4.0 and newer have the ability to view your account transactions by fiscal year using the new selector at the top of the main window.


Accounted has been around since 2007. Eight years. Many users, including us here at Oranged Software, have been using Accounted that entire time. Entering transactions and people and accounts every day or week, slowly adding to a growing database.

Because of this, we had several users request the ability to split data files into fiscal years. This would speed up loading times and reduce clutter from old transactions. The problem with that, though, is you wouldn’t have your entire accounting history in one location. Opening and managing files for each year is tedious and defeats the purpose of having fancy accounting software.

With Accounted 4, we engineered a way to have the best of both worlds. Accounted does some behind-the-scenes magic to split your data into fiscal years while still keeping everything in one file. 

So what does this actually mean? Accounts load way faster. Transactions and balances are calculated almost instantly. You can “load” a specific fiscal year, or show your entire account history. And you won’t need to manage a separate file for each year.


How do I use the year splitter?

Simply select any fiscal year from the popup menu, or select "All Time" too view your entire history. Selecting a specific year will only show transactions from that fiscal year when you load an account. This will greatly speed up account loading times, so if you're only working in the current fiscal year, be sure to select it from the popup! You can still enter transactions for previous years when they are not selected, but they will simply be filtered out after they are saved.


What if a certain year isn't showing up?

If a year for some reason is not appearing in your year splitter, you can refresh the list by doing the following:

  1. In the Company Settings Window (Command-Y) > Dates section, change the Fiscal Year Start Month to something else (February, for example) 
  2. After it processes, change it back to January 
  3. Quit Accounted and relaunch. It should then correctly show all years.


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    Andrew J Urban Esq

    The year splitter feature is a nice addition.  However the year list stops at 2015 and now that we are in 2016 you have to default to all years setting.  It would be nice if you updated the feature so future years 2016-2020 are listed.

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    Oranged Support

    Thanks for the feedback. It should update to include all years in which your database has transactions. If it isn't updating, please do the following:

    1. Go to Company Menu > Company Settings
    2. Go to the Dates section
    3. Change your Fiscal Year Start month to another month and confirm you want to make the change. Any month besides your current start month will suffice.
    4. Change your Fiscal Year Start Month back to your desired start month.
    5. Restart Accounted

    This should update to include the current set of years.

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    Andrew J Urban Esq

    Thank you.  Your instructions worked perfectly.

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