Studiometry 8.1 Released

Studiometry 8.1 Press Release:

New In Studiometry 8.1:
- New compatibility with cloud syncing services such as DropBox or for single-users
- New compatibility with cloud syncing services for multi-user setups that do not simultaneously run Studiometry
- New compatibility with cloud syncing services for individual users on multi-user networks to access non-live data from remote machines
- Can now specify the Data folder location, giving the ability to store and load Studiometry from a shared hard drive or other special locations
- For cloud syncing purposes, Studiometry will now alert you if the local database/settings files are in use by another copy of Studiometry
- Can now hold Option/Alt key to select the desired data folder location when launching Studiometry
- New Day view in calendar
- Can now sync items created in iCal's Studiometry calendar back into Studiometry as new events or to dos
- Can now delete To Dos and Events in iCal and they will be deleted in Studiometry as well (Studiometry must be running when the item is deleted or the deletion of the item is synced to iCal)
- Will now sync priorities for To Dos from iCal to Studiometry
- Will now automatically ask to apply old payments to new invoices if they haven't been used
- New options in Invoice adjustment window to add percentage based adjustments on subtotal, total, or amount due
- Can now mark To Dos as complete or incomplete directly in the Project Stage Requirements area of the Project planning tab
- Setting to use only business days for To Do suites will now use business days set in To Dos & Gantt section of preferences window
- Will now assign due dates for To Dos from suites based on days from the date added for each item in the suite, and not days from the item before it in the suite
- Can now change the associated client for a project that is attached to a missing or deleted client
- Project stages will no longer add items for non-week days in the Gantt charts
- Fixed an issue displaying the calendar when there were a large number of items on the same day
- Fixed issue with recurring items that have recurred multiple times since the last time Studiometry had been opened
- Will now show due, total, and received at the bottom of the invoices list
- Fixed minor display issue when printing main window invoice list
- Fixed an issue with extra boxes drawing multi-day calendar items on the weekly view when the item completes on a visible day before the visible hours of the calendar
- New option in setup wizard to select a data folder to load
- Will now correctly sync end times from iCal to Studiometry
- Will now show data-load location in loading window if it has been set to anything other than the default
- Will now properly summarize what will be synced when using the Sync Now button in the status window
- Fixed an issue with the online currency downloads and exchange rate updates
- Can now view data-load location in the Preferences Window > General section
- Can now display a larger number visual invoice and report templates without running into issues

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