Welcome to our new help desk and forums!

In an effort to consolidate information and support, we're merging and migrating our old forums, help desk, and knowledge base to this new system.

We're sorry to say that if you had an account on any of our old systems you will need to create a new account here. Also any tickets or posts on the old systems will not make it over to here, but they will be archived for reference.

Why did we move?

The benefits from a consolidated approach to support will outweigh the inconvenience of registering a new account here and starting over.

The new features available with this system are very impressive and should help us better organize user feedback as well as request and bug support. You can now vote on requests and topics, find solutions and mark questions as answered in the forums, and open support tickets all with the same account. Having a separate forum, knowledge base, and support site lead to a less organized base of knowledge on our products, and the new system will allow us to link all three and keep everything more up to date.

How do I access my old tickets/posts?

We will keep the old sites available while users transition to the new system at the following links:

Support Ticket Site: http://supportold.oranged.net/

Forums: http://www.oranged.net/forumsold/

New registration will not be allowed on the old sites and we will restrict most of the posting available on the old sites as well. After that we will have access to the old information but it will be archived.



Here's hoping for a smooth transition, and thanks for your continued use of Oranged Software products!

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