Studiometry Touch 1.6 Update Available

Studiometry Touch 1.6 has been released today for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch through the App Store. This new version adds syncing compatibility with the upcoming Studiometry 9.0 release, as well as several other updates and enhancements. Check it out on the App Store and read the full version history below.

View Studiometry Touch 1.6 on the iTunes App Store

Studiometry Touch 1.6 Changes:

Several New Features for users syncing with Studiometry 9.0

  • Can now associate contacts will multiple clients
  • Can now have freestanding contacts associated with no clients
  • Can now set cost rates for work items, categories, and employees
  • Can now specify default currencies for each client
  • Can now support Stage Templates with linked Gantt items

Other Updates

  • Fixed an issue loading corrupted dates
  • Will correctly space stages created with Project templates based on default stage durations
  • Will now properly sort items created with Stage Templates
  • Fixed an issue with editing some contact fields on iPhones
  • Expanded the extra info fields for the iPad

Please note that the new features compatible with Studiometry 9.0 will not work with older versions of Studiometry. This version will still be backwards compatible to sync with older versions of Studiometry 7.x and 8.x.

Check back soon for information about Studiometry Touch 2.0, which is in the works to be released later this year!
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