Studiometry 9.0.1 Now Available

Registered 9.x users can download Studiometry 9.0.1 for free via the usual download link at:


Here's the full version history:

  • Can now filter custom summaries based on Groups
  • Can now set customizable Contact name formatting using built in and custom contact fields
  • Added ClientContactFormattedName variable
  • When filtering logs by client, logs linked to contacts or projects attached to the filtered client will now appear
  • Moved and added several items to new Advanced billing settings window to clear up space in the Preferences Window Billing section
  • Can now create custom summaries that include only Billable and Non-Billable debt credits
  • Added option to use Project Specific default hourly timer as the default type when manually creating a work item
  • Added TaxableSubtotal and NonTaxableSubtotal variables
  • Can specify a port for outgoing SMTP email connections
  • Optimized client statement loading to prevent frequent bottlenecks for clients with a large number of projects
  • Fixed an issue where data columns could sometimes repeat a specific item once when showing data on multiple pages
  • Fixed an issue with Combo-Boxes not working correctly in the template item properties section
  • Fixed an issue calculating time when using certain am/pm formats
  • Will now correctly close a calendar picker window when the associated field has been closed
  • Will no longer include taxes in the Project Quoted vs. Actual Reports
  • Fixed a crashed caused by issues encoding certain characters in imported logs on Macs

If you haven't upgrade to 9.x yet, be sure to check out what's new in Studiometry 9.x. Upgrades from 8.x are $59.95 USD per license and include free updates until Studiometry 10.0 is released in late 2012.

Buy Studiometry 9.x from the Oranged Software Store: 

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