Studiometry 9.0.3 Released

Studiometry 9.0.3 is now available as a free update for registered Studiometry 9.x users. This update adds many interface and behavior improvements, as well as several other fixes and updates. The project specs tab has been redone and vastly improved with new functionalities and better interface behaviors. We've also organized many keyboard shortcuts in the main window to make them more useful and intuitive.

Other improvements include updated localizations, inventory exporting, and improved PDF backgrounds. Full details of the 25 improvements in this version can be seen below.


What's new in Studiometry 9.0.3:

  • Studiometry is no longer a Universal Binary application on Mac. See more information about this here:
  • Command-N will now create a new item based on the current tab in the main window
  • Changed New Client keystroke to accommodate the current tab New Item keystroke
  • Updated French localization
  • Can now export the Inventory list in the accounting window to a text file
  • Can now properly tab between Specs in a project
  • Can now copy and paste Specs between projects
  • Can now select and cut, copy, paste, and delete multiple spec simultaneously
  • Added contextual menu item to create a new log for a contact in the contacts list
  • Will now properly populate the email default body and subject when sending code-based reports
  • Enabled localization abilities for several labels and fields the program that did not previously have the capability
  • Will now make additional checks to ensure a currency is assigned when creating a new project
  • Fixed an issue where summaries would get stuck while processing when selecting certain Summary Of options
  • Will now use the new Gantt planner chart when using the View Project Planning contextual menu items in the main window
  • Fixed issue where client and project information would not correctly display when mousing over items in the View All Gantt chart window
  • Adding an invoice adjustment to an invoice without any items will now properly update
  • Fixed display issue when editing invoices with no associated items
  • Fixed issue with incorrect titles appearing when printing the Invoices lists with certain filters applied
  • Fixed an issue with exporting invoices to PDF with backgrounds
  • If Studiometry cannot find an exchange rate for a specific currency, it will now default to an exchange rate of 1.00
  • Areas of the program that ask for a password but have none set will now indicate this and let the user continue
  • Will now account for currencies when calculating the total at the bottom of the Invoices tab
  • Fixed issue with deleting Log types
  • Making a change to Log types will now immediately update any open Log editing windows

Download Studiometry 9.0.3:

Purchase Studiometry (upgrades from 8.x start at $59.95): 
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  • 0
    Jeff Fisher

    Project specs sorely needed an update. Thanks for listening!

  • 0
    Tom Murdoch

    can't replace new version because info.plist is in use?

  • 0
    Oranged Support

    Tom: Make sure you quit your current version Studiometry before attempting to install the new version. Sometimes after quitting you might need to wait a minute or two and then trying installing again.

    If none of that works for you, restarting your machine (and if you're on Mac OS 10.7, make sure that "Reopen windows when logging back in" is unchecked) will ensure that the app is completely closed.

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